Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Blanket madness

I have decided to (maybe) finish one of my many blanket WIPs before I embarked on another blanket adventure. I love the Beekeeper's Quilt or the Hexipuff, as I call it. I envisage that to be a LONG term project - one which will take years and years to complete!
So, in a rare moment of focus, I sewed up tons of small miters into bigger miters and joined up all the miters into strips and then, the 3 strips together. This is what I got. It's a good lap-sized blanket (3x4 squares). Hubby decided that it was too small and it needs to be at least 4x5 squares - so here I am knitting a yet more squares. I haven't even thought about the edging - and that will require more focus.
Kim - my summer tank was a little creation from me. It was knitted in the round from bottom up with no shaping. It would be the perfect top if I could find the right yarn. The bamboo tape is annoying!