Friday, September 29, 2006

Latte cardigan

The Latte cardigan or more correctly "Kay" from Rowan 40 is finally completed. It was not without some frogging and reknitting. Here let me show you in pictures.

I followed the instructions to the letter and found that the neckline was very floppy and just a little too wide. It's more obvious in the picture below. The pattern calls for 9 stitches to be cast on for the button and buttonhole bands. But that was just too much.
So what am I to do?? Frog the collar and the button/buttonhole bands and reknit the whole darn thing. Instead of 9 stitches I made the bands 7 stitches. I also incorporated 8 knit togethers (evenly spaced through out the neckline) on the row after picking up the stitches for the collar. Much happier. The collar is definitely less wide and floppy. Now I have to find 3 buttons and block the cr*p out of the rolling button bands. I'm sure it's a design feature but it's annoying me. Sorry for the crap photo but it's been pouring in London during today.
Pattern notes
Pattern - Kay from Rowan 40
Yarn - 6 balls of Rowan Big Wool in Latte, pattern calls for 7 balls
Modifications - described above. I also don't think I'm going to put in the leaves from the pattern.

Overall - pretty happy with this knit, especially with the weather turning decidedly wintery!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where to buy the T-shirt

This is for Becky and Kim
You can get the T-shirts in adult sizes here - They have lots of lovely baby stuff too. My favourite baby shirt is "Mini-me", which both my kids wore as chubby 6 month olds.

My parents have gone back to KL and I have (finally) discovered some "me" time again! Don't get me wrong, I love having my parents visit since they only do this once a year. But it is really nice to get back to our routine. My mum and I are very similar, which means when we get on, we get on like a house on fire, but when we disagree........ all hell breaks loose. We also aggravate each other. So 10 days is probably our limit.

Anyway, now for the knitting content -

1. Progress has been made on my Latte cardigan - back, fronts and sleeves are knitted and blocking. Thank goodness for chunky yarn and big needles and sport on TV to make progress. (Wasn't the Ryder Cup exciting!!)
2. I'm also progressing on the second sock and Hubby's cardigan. This progress is slow.

3. I'm itching to start Sizzle for the SKC's knitalong, but I'm going to finish a few things before I start another thing!!!!

4. I also have my ticket to Ally Pally. I'm going with Kate on Friday the 13th! I'm so excited. Anyone else going on Friday????

That's all for today.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Almost no knitting content

It's been such a busy week here in Casa Ling. My parents are visitng from Malaysia. My in-laws here from Switzerland, along with other friends and family. Thankfully, they are not all staying with us. But it has caused enough disruption to my knitting time and rythmn.

Over the weekend and early part of this week, I made a little trip to Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon. The only knitting-worthy news was that I made it to Web of Wool in Leamington Spa. What a gorgeous little shop! The only problem was that I had 2 impatient children and 2 impatient parents. I think if I had more than the 3 actual minutes in the shop, I would have purchased more yarn.

Here's a few photos for distraction.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

** Blushing** still

I have been having an amazing week. While reading my usual daily read of blogs, I found Becky (someone I have always read, but never commented, because I'm a little bit shy and in awe!!) about to rip out a partially completed project because she had run out of yarn. The yarn in question was Rowan Cork in Mouse. I had some in my ever growing stash, so offered it to a knitter in need. I have been amazed by the gratitude and recognition (check out her blog). (And also by the speed of Royal Mail - I posted the package on Friday, and it arrived in France on Monday. Wow, who knew Royal Mail was actually efficient!). I am ever thankful to the internet and blogland for making new friends! My visitor stats will probably soar this week!

While in my hunt for the said Rowan Cork, I found a bag of Rowan Big Wool in Latte. Being inspired by Becky's love of neutrals, I decided to cast on for new project. I love 2 of the Big Wool cardigans/jackets in Rowan 40 - Pampas and Kay. I haven't got quite enough wool for Pampas, so decided to cast on for Kay. I have practically finished the back in one 2 hour sitting. How's that for instant gratification! Talking of instant gratification, I've also started on Fetching from Summer Knitty. Here's one fingerless glove completed. The yarn is Malabrigio in purple mix. Love the yarn and the colour. Unfortunately, it's still a little bit big for my hands. I figure it can be my early start for Christmas presents.
Kim - Thanks for your tip on the Lady E. In my yarn hunt, I found that I have 11 balls of the Noro Silk Garden. No worries about running out of yarn, I just need to get my b*tt in gear and start knitting!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kate's back

Kate is back from her holidays to the USA. She was travelling during the whole palaver with flight restrictions. What a nightmare, especially with one toddler and one baby!!!

The kids and I made a visit to her new house on Thursday. They were in the midst of unpacking!! What a beautiful house. It will look gorgeous especially once Kate finishes with the decorating :)

Look what exciting things she brought back for me. 4 balls of Peaches and Cream in Winterberry to make lots of Mason-Dixon dishcloths and some very yummy woolwash called "Soak". I was so excited about new yarn that I've decided to cast on pretty much straight away and a few hours later, dishcloth completed. Instant gratification - what more could a girl want.

Also - thank you everyone for the comments on the sock and for all the help on the pattern interpretation. I had decided to stop the knitting on the left front, put the stitches on some scrap yarn and started knitting the back piece. I think the first option is right too, but just to make sure, I'll match it to the back. That should work, I hope!!! I hate frogging!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ONE SOCK finished

I have one sock completed. Hurray!!! Hurray!!! And to ensure that the dreaded Second sock syndrome doesn't set in, I have cast on for the second sock and knitted 3 rows while watching the kids at football today. I am a bit fearful of knitting at football, as one of the kids (not my own!) broke my glasses last week. Football kicked into face = broken glasses. As hubby said, they are only 3 year olds, maybe 4, how can they do so much damage. Well they can. Anyway, movin on........

The sock doesn't look too bad at this angle, although there are a few biggish holes in my heels for the short row shaping. I think it's the p3tog thru the back loop that's causing it. I'm not too worried about it.

Again, here is a shot with the kids waiting to get into the action.......

On other knitting news, I am struggling with the instructions for Cambridge Jacket, Interweave Summer o6. When shaping the armhole, the instructions state -
" BO 5 sts once, then BO 4 sts once then 3 sts once. Dec 1 st at armhole edge every RS row 2 times".

Does this mean BO 5 sts, knit the rest of the row, purl back, and then BO 4 sts knit the rest of the row and then purl back etc....
OR basically bind off 12 sts (WHY didn't the pattern just say so!)
OR some other permutation that I haven't quite realised!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Tempting II finished

I have finally finished my SKC knitalong - Tempting II. Here it is in all its glory.

Pattern notes:
Pattern - Tempting II from Knitty Winter o5
Yarn - Rowan Calmer in Coffee bean (as modelled in the same issue - how unoriginal of me!!!)
Modifications - k2tog instead of k2tog, k1 at the neckline as recommended by the SKC
My thoughts - I love this!!! The fit is great. The sleeves are just the right length. I even found a diamante buckle for it for a little bit of bling. The yarn is pretty yummy too - very soft and kinda spongy. Love it, love it, love it. However, I don't think I'll knit this again - 1x1 ribbing is killing.

Here is the close up of my diamante buckle.

What better time to start a new project. I have been making things for the kids and myself, so I thought I'd make the next project for dear hubby. I'm making the Cambridge jacket from Interweave Summer 06 in Cascade 220 in mid grey. I know I have tons of other things to finish up, but what can I say, I have startitis.......
Last weekend, we decided to take the kids to Richmond Park for a pony ride. Little man had a gift voucher for a pony ride from his last birthday and 10 months on, here we are. Doesn't he look adorable!! He went with his little friend, Oscar and they both loved it. Two little faces light with up joy every time the ponies went on a trot. They were so CUTE!!! (Hubby at this point is thinking - please don't cultivate an interest in riding, it's going to get bloody expensive!) The pony is called Scooby-Doo.