Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kate's back

Kate is back from her holidays to the USA. She was travelling during the whole palaver with flight restrictions. What a nightmare, especially with one toddler and one baby!!!

The kids and I made a visit to her new house on Thursday. They were in the midst of unpacking!! What a beautiful house. It will look gorgeous especially once Kate finishes with the decorating :)

Look what exciting things she brought back for me. 4 balls of Peaches and Cream in Winterberry to make lots of Mason-Dixon dishcloths and some very yummy woolwash called "Soak". I was so excited about new yarn that I've decided to cast on pretty much straight away and a few hours later, dishcloth completed. Instant gratification - what more could a girl want.

Also - thank you everyone for the comments on the sock and for all the help on the pattern interpretation. I had decided to stop the knitting on the left front, put the stitches on some scrap yarn and started knitting the back piece. I think the first option is right too, but just to make sure, I'll match it to the back. That should work, I hope!!! I hate frogging!!!


Brena said...

If you ever need anymore peaches n cream or want to try sugar n cream, just let me know! I'd be happy to send you some.

Rain said...

Teh yarn is lovely.

Kim in Oregon said...

Hey Miss Ling,

first, of course, I also too just bought peaches and cream to make dishclothes.

second, I finished my Lady E. I wanted to let you know I used 10 balls: a little over 8 balls to make the Lady E (I made it two rows longer than the pattern calls for though) and the rest for the fringe (I didn't do the make-my-brain-explode-fancy-schmancy fringe, but rather just your basic run of the mill fringe). Since I think you said you only bought 8 balls, I wanted to let you know so you might want to see if theyhave a ball or two left in the dye lot.