Monday, November 19, 2007

Life with 3 kiddies

Life with the 3 little ones is just one BIG hectic party where I'm the party organiser, driver, cleaner, cook, entertainer and general do-everythinger. Good thing I'm great at multi-tasking!!!

Speaking of parties, both the Big man and the Little man had their birthdays in the last few weeks. The Big man's sweater is almost finished - the sleeves are too long (but I'm not reknitting that, after ripping back and reknitting the sleeve caps twice already!) and the body is a tad too short (I will undo the cast on edge and add a few rows of ribbing for length). It will be done in the next few days. Can't wait to start something new!!!

The Little man is 5. I still remember the day he turned up (6 weeks early), like it was yesterday. I can't quite believe its been 5 years. I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and looked through a few photos. I found some interesting phots - I think the kids look a lot like each other . Here's 3 photos of each of them , all at the same age. Do you think the resemblance is uncanny?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Radio silence

Blink and suddenly it's weeks since my last post! I don't really know why either. I have been knitting. I've been on the internet - catching up on blogs and shopping (shh! don't tell hubby!). I haven't been spending hours on Ravelry. But time just flies.

I can hardly believe that it's the second week of November. Suffice to say I wasn't even close to achieving my October goals. I did not touch a single WIP. Now with Christmas coming up, I'm sure I won't have the time finish them. Ugh!

Now back to the knitting that I've been doing. I've almost finished Iceland from Rowan 42. I've just got the ribbing on the back to do. I haven't finished that because I got sidetracked into knitting a jumper for hubby's birthday. I got a stack of Rowan Big Wool during the sales and decided to make Bisto from Rowan's Big just got Bigger. I gave myself 3 weeks to finish this project. Chunky yarn, big ass needles - that's pretty achievable. Right? I could not be more wrong. Hubby's birthday was yesterday and I presented him with a partly finished jumper - it has a front, back and collar and the start of 1 sleeve. I blame lack of sleep, sick children, lack of motivation..................Anyway, now that it's no longer a surprise, here's a progress shot.