Monday, February 26, 2007


With the Alanis Morisette song playing in the background..................... My post today is all about irony.

Just over a year ago, I tore a ligament in my knee. I spent the best part of a year rehabbing my knee and going through a reconstruction of my ligament. The main reason was so that I could enjoy things like skiing and netball again. In late November, my lovely physios gave me the OK to play netball (missed the last game of the season, but looking forward to the new season in Jan) and to go skiing. So I booked us on a skiing holiday in March. What's ironic, is that I find out I'm pregnant a week later. So no skiing for me. What on earth am I going to do on ski resort for a week? I guess I'll just have to knit. I also had to pay extra to Ryan Air so that I could bring skis. I'm going to have to replace that with yarn and more yarn and needles and my laptop and a boxful of DVDs and books. How's that for ironic. (ps - if anyone knows of good yarn stores in Salzburg, please let me know!)

More irony? I usually prefer to let minor illness run it's course without too much medication. (I didn't want painkillers after my knee nursery, but the nurses insisted I had them. I wasn't in that much pain, so I refused!) But anyway, I've got a BAD cold at the moment, so bad that if it was hubby with the cold, it would be manflu, bordering on man-pneumonia. I'm so congested that my head feels heavy and clogged up. I've got a hacking chesty cough. The one time I think,"Hmm some drugs would be good".... I can't bloody take any!!!! Most medications would be bad for the baby. I'm just suffering in silence.

I do have some knitting to show, I'm feeling a bit uninspired so i'll leave it for another day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong xi fa cai

Or Happy Chinese New Year. It's the start of a new year and a big welcome to the Year of the Pig. I'm born in the year of the pig and I'll be having a little piglet baby later in the year.

I was trying to get both kids to be in the picture below, but Keira has a huge fear of the lion. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! She woke a few nights, crying and saying - " I don't like the lion dance and the lion head. Take it away." Oh well, Aidan on the other hand, loves it. He wants to start wushu training when he's 5. He has the DVD of the Annual Malaysian Lion dance competition, which he has been watching avidly.

I've also joined the sock a monthalong here.

What's even better, I've finished my February socks. It's based on the Matahari sock pattern. I've knitted it in Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Fondant. I used short row heels and toes and 3.5mm needles. They are super comfy and very cheery to wear, especially on dark February nights.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

First baby pics

I am now 16 weeks pregnant! We had our hospital appointment last week which included the ultra sound scan. Can't tell the sex of the baby yet but he's a little wriggler. I know he's only tiny, I'm sure I can feel him moving around . When I asked the midwife about it, she said , "It's your third pregnancy, so you're much more attuned to your body. No you're not imagining it."

So anyway, here's the first pic of the little wriggler. The one on the left is a 4D scan. That was done in KL 2 weeks ago. The pictures from a 4D scan are so clear. You can see small details which are just a blur on the normal scan. I won't be getting the 4D scan here on the NHS. If we did it privately, it would cost £250! That's a big yarn purchase!

Friday, February 02, 2007

T'was my birthday

Another year older, but still none the wiser! It was lovely to celebrate my birthday with my parents and sister as I haven't done that in long time. We went to a fantastic Japanese Buffet in KL and just stuffed our faces. Yummy, yummy food. After that, I went fabric shopping for cottons for more quilts. A fantastic day!!!

I haven't done much these last few days/weeks. I've just been eating lots and resting lots. I'm currently working on 2 pairs of socks and a baby blanket. One pair of socks is nearing completion, the other pair will hopefully be started when I get on the flight back to London. The blanket is just a jumbled mess at the moment. I really need to sort this out as the baby was born on 15 Oct 2006. Ooops! I also finished the dress for Keira but it needs a good block and a few finishing touches put in. More on that later.

I don't know if many of you watch Firefly, a cult sci-fi series which got cancelled far too early. Well, my sister is a huge fan, and she wanted a Jayne Cobb hat. So here is my version of it. I knitted it in GGH Samoa (she doesn't need a wool hat in hot and sunny KL!) The colours aren't exactly right but she's happy with it. Actually, so are the kids.
BTW - go check out the preview of Rowan magazine 41. I think are some lovely designs there. More to add to my ever grwoing wish list!