Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong xi fa cai

Or Happy Chinese New Year. It's the start of a new year and a big welcome to the Year of the Pig. I'm born in the year of the pig and I'll be having a little piglet baby later in the year.

I was trying to get both kids to be in the picture below, but Keira has a huge fear of the lion. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! She woke a few nights, crying and saying - " I don't like the lion dance and the lion head. Take it away." Oh well, Aidan on the other hand, loves it. He wants to start wushu training when he's 5. He has the DVD of the Annual Malaysian Lion dance competition, which he has been watching avidly.

I've also joined the sock a monthalong here.

What's even better, I've finished my February socks. It's based on the Matahari sock pattern. I've knitted it in Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Fondant. I used short row heels and toes and 3.5mm needles. They are super comfy and very cheery to wear, especially on dark February nights.


mary said...

Aidan is longing for wushu training and lion dance? He's a boy after my own heart! My kids took kungfu also but had to give it up when other sports conflicted. Glad you're joining in on SAM3. You are way ahead of me with Feb socks. I'm planning on starting some quickie socks next week while I'm at Stitches West. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Chrissy said...

Those socks look amazing! I love Sweet Georgia yarns. Did you hear she's going on hiatus though?

Laura.Y said...

Happy CNY!!! May the year of the Boar bring lots of health, happiness and wealth! So cute, so young and already wanting to do wushu.

Kathy said...

Happy Chinese New Year Ling. The pic of your son is so darling. I love the lion.

Here piggy, piggy!

Rain said...

Happy New Year!

Aidan is such a cutie.

Kim in Oregon said...

Cute socks! I"ve never tried Sweet Georgia yarn. Must find now.

And your comment abouthaving a little piglet cracks me up. I think I'm a puppy meself.

Becky said...

Happy Chinese New Year! And a big CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. I'm really happy for you! :-)