Thursday, November 23, 2006

Update post

I will mainly update on what's been happening on the knitting front, but also the sexy men situation.

I haven't done anything about hubby's cardigan. A whole lot of ripping needs to happen first and I'm really not in that space yet. So what is a girl to do but to cast on for loads of new projects. First up, Butterfly from Rowan 37. I'm knitting it in Kid Silk Haze in Grace (a baby pink colour). The project has stalled a bit in the last few days due to illness of child and lack of sleep of mummy. This baby needs a lot of concentration, otherwise you'll be ripping out KSH. I'd rather stick needles in eyeballs. I'm hoping for more progress soon, as Keira is definitely getting better.

Next up, is a sleevless hoodie cardigan for my lil princess. It's knitted in Sirdar Supernova Chunky (wool plus acrylic mix) which I bought in a bargain bin years ago for £1 a ball. I amalgamated a few patterns and knitted it in the round , made pockets (a first, I think!) and it's practically complete in a few hours. Let's hope she'll wear it. Finally, a FO - more wrsitwarmers. This time, knitted in basic rib and stocking stitch. The yarn is Gedifra Fashion Stripe. I think I should have made the top ribbing a little bit longer but the yarn is a b*tch to rip out as well. So, c'est la vie. It's a gift for one of the kids' teachers in nursery school. I think they look OK and they feel really soft. Hope she likes it.

Now, on to the sexy men. Ruth- we're still in season 2 of Grey's Anatomy in the UK. Tonight was the first time I saw McSteamy. WOW! Actually, the quota of sexy men on Greys Anatomy is really high. McDreamy, McSteamy, Dr Burke and Alex. Hmmmmm. I wonder if this is why I like the programme.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blink and another week is over

Where does the time go? Suddenly, I find another week has gone and I've neglected my poor blog. I do have a small excuse. Keira, my 2.5 year old has tonsilitis and has been running a fever of 38 -40 degrees celsius for 2 days. Finally, yesterday, I took her to the doctor and got a prescription for antibiotics and amazingly, she has been such a different child. Fever - gone. Crying and clingy child - gone. I haven't had to sleep on the floor next to her for the third night running!! Hurray!

I will show some knitting soon. But I wanted to share something else. The sexiest man alive at People magazine. There are some yummy candidates on that list. But my top 10 are as follows:
1. Keanu Reeves
2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Johnny Depp
4. Jake Gyllenhal
5. Brad Pitt
6. Josh Lucas
7. James Denton (from Desperate Housewives)
8. Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break)
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Viggo Mortensen
11. Denzel Washington
12. Lots of very fit sporty athletes - six packs are so sexy!!

I'm pretty sure I'll add to this list once I've a bit more of a think. Anyway, I'm off to google for more sexy men.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My lil boy is 4

Actually - it's tomorrow but as he's had his birthday party, he's 4.

Here he is enjoying his party. I should have made a bit more of an effort making food and decorations but I don't think the kids minded. They had a fab time and the house wasn't too thrashed. All in all a success.

But I also just want to point out this cute little number which Keira has on. (I know it's a bit small but I only just found it when I was in KL in Oct, so felt like I had to let her wear it!) It a real vintage item, from 1972 or 1973 . It was mine when I was her age. It was purchased by my grandfather on one of his trips to the UK. It's from St Michael's (Marks and Spencer) and its made in 100% Orlon. I just love it - throw on some white boots and you're good to go.
Ps - i might just have to find/design a pattern for something similar!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I didn't make it!

Too much pressure is no good for the knitting. As you can probably guess from the title, I didn't finish the cardidan in time for hubby's birthday. In fact some ripping out has to be done. In my haste to complete the said item, I thought I'd cast on for both sleeves at the same time. A good plan until you misread the pattern, but decide to continue irregardless, and now end up with a pair of sleeves which could fit a gorilla. So here it is in a pile, on the floor, and contemplating it's next step. I may have to take a wee break from it and continue afresh.
But I have also managed to start and finish something for me. I decided to make Fetching from Knitty Summer 2006. The yarn was a thank you present from Ra, in lovely autumnal colours. You can't really see the cables, but the gloves are super warm and super quick to knit up!

And since I've decided to ignore the cardigan, I have started a pinwheel blanket for an ex-colleague who just had a baby girl 10 days ago. I'm using Jaeger Baby Merino in Petal (lovely pinks, peach and lilac). I am at the moment surrounded by newborn babies and all of them just gorgeous. I hate to admit it, but I'm feeling kinda broody. Aidan will be 4 next week and Keira is 2 and a half (gosh how the time flies!) I really miss having a baby around.

Please note that this contemplation lasts for about 3 seconds , because I do remember sleepness nights, tiredness, looking like a hippo, projectile vomiting by the baby, crying by both mummy and baby (and often daddy too!), nappy changing, and the list goes on....... But a baby would be nice.......

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pressure, pressure, pressure

Hubby's birthday is in 3 days time. I have 3 days to finish the ribbed cardigan for him. Oh the pressure. I have the back and left front completed. I have 2 sleeves on the needles to save time. 80% completed. 3 days to finish the sleeves, start and finish the right front, sew the pieces and knit the collar and attach an open ended zip (which I have never done before, and I have yet to purchase!!) Oh my gawd! I think I should be making it his Christmas present...........

Can't blog anymore, must knit more sleeves. BTW - I am SOS (sick of "damned" sleeves). Why must men be so much bigger!!! (not that my hubby is 6'5" and built like a rugby player!) From now on, he will only get 1 big piece of knitting every 8 years. Socks, hats and scarves from now on. Sorry for the lack of pictures. More soon.

PS - thank you to everyone for the lovely thoughts. I actually feel more calm about her passing, having seen her and saying my goodbye, than hearing the news about her stroke. Anyway.......