Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The waiting game

4 days and counting till due date. I'm still hoping she's going to arrive sooner rather than later, but we'll see. My in-laws have been around for the last few days and my parents are about to arrive later today. It's going to be all go around here soon.

In the meantime, I've been putting my time to good use and have been knitting up a storm! I've started 2 new projects . I've completed 1 and nearly completed the second. First up, a little bag from Barefoot Knits for my little Princess. A super quick and easy knit which took all of 3 hours to make. She hasn't stopped using it since I finished it.

Pattern - Bag from Barefoot Knits
Yarn - leftover Rowan Handknit Cotton from baby blanket in Shell and Rosso
Modifications - I crocheted the strap instead of making i-cord strap because the little Princess needed instant gratification. Button - chosen by the little Princess.

Next up, It's the Wave Jacket from Rowan's Miss Bea's Seaside. (I do love the Miss Bea's series!) . I've finished the back, the 2 fronts and most of the sleeves. I made it slightly bigger than the largest size. Hopefully in the next day or so, I'll be able to stick it into washing machine get it to miraculously shrink by 20% (in length) and fade a little. Ooh - the excitement!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

One week and counting

Baby hasn't arrived even though I was convinced it was going to happen last Thursday. I'm at that stage where I think, please let it be sooner rather than later. I'm sick of waddling around, having heartburn, feeling tired. Sorry, enough with the complaining already.

The good thing about this is that I've had the time to go see the new Harry Potter movie and start and finish the new Harry Potter book - all done since Thursday. All I will say is - WoW! I loved the movie - I thought it was the best movie so far. I know there are lots of people who are excited about the huge array of knits in the film. I am too! And the book is pretty amazing too!! I was gripped from page 1, and managed to finish it in 2 days. I won't give anything away by doing a review.

I have also been doing all sorts of crafty things but I haven't had a chance to photograph them. The weather here in London has been pretty awful. Torrential rain and a forecast for more rain over the next few days. I had to go to the hospital for a check up on Friday and it took me 2.5 hours to get home. It should take only 30 minutes. What's worse, the traffic was gridlocked and I had to walk the last 1.5 miles home.

Here's something I made earlier. The kids new room has a triangle window which is so difficult to make curtains for. So I customised the old set curtains into a triangular blind. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


The excitement has been mounting in our house for weeks. Before you ask, it's got nothing to do with the imminent arrival of baby. (I'm probably the only one excited by that!) The kids and Daddy have been waiting for July 14 to arrive so that we can finally go to Diggerland in Kent. It was a family day event with Daddy's work. The one and half hour drive across London didn't dampen spirits.

As they say,boys will be boys. The big boy and the little boy enjoyed every single digger ride. It was hard to decide who enjoyed it more. Even Keira enjoyed a few of the rides. A great day.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogging friends

I am constantly amazed by my lovely blogging friends. Look what arrived from California!! A beautiful baby blanket from Ruth. It's gorgeous and I love it. Baby is such a lucky thing! Apologies as the photo doesn't do it any justice - it's pretty grey in London at the moment. I'm just thankful it's not raining. I promise a better photo soon. What's even better, Ruth is visiting London in August and I hope I get a chance to meet up with her. (This might be a bit ambitious as I will have newborn in tow along with 2 kids on summer holidays. I guess, we'll see.)

I really seem to have neglected this poor old blog. I have been working on a bunch of stuff (mainly trying to clear some WIPs) but I have made great progress. Remember, the Cambridge jacket which I was knitting for hubby in the dark grey Cascade 220. Well, it no longer exists. I wasn't enjoying it and it wasn't coming out right. So off to the frog pond it went. I just need to decide what else to knit for him!

I also started Rusted Root, months ago when it was the winner in the Sexy Knitters Club knitalong. But I ran out of yarn at nearly the finish line and had to make a special order from the US. The dyelot is totally different but I'm just going to finish it anyway. I just have to finish the ribbing on the sleeves and they are done. Sorry, there won't be a modelled shot just yet, the big, fat belly is still in the way!

I have a small confession to make. With all the stress over the last few weeks, I have seriously fallen off the yarn diet wagon and I mean seriously. I have bought some yarn since the start of the year but it tended to be a few balls here and there for specific projects and got used - like 1 or 2 balls of the Noro Silk Garden. When I hit the Liberty and John Lewis sale, look at what I walked away with - it's another mountain of yarn. I won't say how many balls but I did buy Jaeger extra fine merino DK, Jaeger aqua cotton, Jaeger Siena 4 ply, Rowan Kid silk Night and Rowan Big Wool. I blame stress and the joys of retail therapy. OOPS!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

If I wasn't pregnant....

I would have definitely packed up the family and booked a holiday to somewhere sunny. Anywhere. Not fussed. Just sunshine, warmth and no more bloody rain!!! Not bothered about a beach or pool. Just sunshine, warmth and no rain. Sorry rant over. The weather here in London has been and still is appalling. You might have noticed from the coverage of Wimbledon. It's July but it feels like April. UUGGHHHH!!

Enough about the weather, I have actually managed to get some crafting done over the last 2 weeks. First up, it was a friend's birthday and I remembered how much she liked my Noro tubu bag, so I made her a similar one but in Kureyon. The pattern is the Lotorp bag from one of the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton books. Quick and easy knit. I think I started it in a Monday and had it done by Friday evening. I now just have to make the effort to meet up and give it to her!
Next up, I have been going through my cupboard and reorganising my clothes - putting stuff into storage, taking stuff to the charity shop or just plain throwing out. I came across some tiny tank tops which I must have worn a zillion years ago because I haven't got the flat washboard stomach since the kids arrived. (BTW, I don't think I ever had the flat stomach, just the confidence of youth to carry it off!) Anyway, I thought they would make perfect little tops for Keira. Out came the scissors and sewing machine, and here's the end result. The little princess seems to like it and I'm pleased with how they came out. Hurray me! Now if we could have summer weather, she'll be able to wear them. (more pics of the red tank soon!)

In other baby news, I've just had my 36 week hospital check up and it didn't go particularly well. I'm feeling fine (blood pressure's good, baby's moving lots, weight gain in control, no water retention, etc). But the doctor kindly informed me that my GP has been measuring my bump wrongly and now they are a bit concerned with the size of the baby. An extra ultra scan later,they cofirm baby is small. She's on the 3rd centile line and she weighs under 4.5 lbs. So they tell me I need to be monitored over the next few weeks. But the NHS being what it is, I can't have my appointment when I need it. They have training day, so the antenatal clinic is shut and I can't come on any other day because I am under the care of a certain consultant. Not that I've even met the consultant. I've only ever seen trainee doctors anyway! After some panicking, I've decided to book in to see an ob-gyn privately for a second opinion. So we'll know more next week. I'm certainly feeling less stressed about it. By all accounts, baby is well, just tiny. I'm off for more rest and relaxation.