Thursday, July 05, 2007

If I wasn't pregnant....

I would have definitely packed up the family and booked a holiday to somewhere sunny. Anywhere. Not fussed. Just sunshine, warmth and no more bloody rain!!! Not bothered about a beach or pool. Just sunshine, warmth and no rain. Sorry rant over. The weather here in London has been and still is appalling. You might have noticed from the coverage of Wimbledon. It's July but it feels like April. UUGGHHHH!!

Enough about the weather, I have actually managed to get some crafting done over the last 2 weeks. First up, it was a friend's birthday and I remembered how much she liked my Noro tubu bag, so I made her a similar one but in Kureyon. The pattern is the Lotorp bag from one of the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton books. Quick and easy knit. I think I started it in a Monday and had it done by Friday evening. I now just have to make the effort to meet up and give it to her!
Next up, I have been going through my cupboard and reorganising my clothes - putting stuff into storage, taking stuff to the charity shop or just plain throwing out. I came across some tiny tank tops which I must have worn a zillion years ago because I haven't got the flat washboard stomach since the kids arrived. (BTW, I don't think I ever had the flat stomach, just the confidence of youth to carry it off!) Anyway, I thought they would make perfect little tops for Keira. Out came the scissors and sewing machine, and here's the end result. The little princess seems to like it and I'm pleased with how they came out. Hurray me! Now if we could have summer weather, she'll be able to wear them. (more pics of the red tank soon!)

In other baby news, I've just had my 36 week hospital check up and it didn't go particularly well. I'm feeling fine (blood pressure's good, baby's moving lots, weight gain in control, no water retention, etc). But the doctor kindly informed me that my GP has been measuring my bump wrongly and now they are a bit concerned with the size of the baby. An extra ultra scan later,they cofirm baby is small. She's on the 3rd centile line and she weighs under 4.5 lbs. So they tell me I need to be monitored over the next few weeks. But the NHS being what it is, I can't have my appointment when I need it. They have training day, so the antenatal clinic is shut and I can't come on any other day because I am under the care of a certain consultant. Not that I've even met the consultant. I've only ever seen trainee doctors anyway! After some panicking, I've decided to book in to see an ob-gyn privately for a second opinion. So we'll know more next week. I'm certainly feeling less stressed about it. By all accounts, baby is well, just tiny. I'm off for more rest and relaxation.


Carol said...

When I was born I was only 5lbs 6oz and I turned out fine. Definitely get a second opinion. Who knows, maybe the second set of measurements was the wrong one!

Kathy said...

Good idea to get a second. IN the meantime, breathe deep and know that you still have time to grow the baby.

Try not to worry. ( i know it is so hard)

You are doing a great job with the whole pregnancy.

ra said...

I'm sure that come time for the delivery there's a lot to be said for a small baby!!! As long as it's well that's all you need to worry about.
Like the little sun top, shame it's not getting much use yet. maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well done you for keeping it so cool, I know it's hard but it's better not too worry, you know your body better than any doctors and if something wasn't right you would know.

I had the same problem when I was expecting my 3rd. The doctors made a fuss because my 1st was only 5lbs 5oz and my second 6lbs 3oz but neither myself or my husband are big and Oliver in the end was 6 oz. They were all fine and am sure that she will be putting on weight in these next few weeks.

BTW I love the little tops and I couldn't agree more about the weather!