Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is me

Thought I'd share a recent picture of me - taken, I think, at week 33 of the pregnancy (2 weeks ago), when the weather was vaguely sunny and summery. I'm looking out of a window at the moment, and it looks like we might have more rain any minute now.

I'm feeling good. Still tired but feeling more happy and contented.

I'll also post a crafterly update soon.


mary said...

You look so cute, knocked up and preggers!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I am glad you feel happier. Is it only me or this 33 weeks have gone really quickly?

Rain said...

You look radiant!

you scarf and model in the post below are both lovely

Kim in Oregon said...

You look adorable! What a wonderful picture.

Kathy said...

How is it going this week?

Hope you have a nice 4th of July.

Becky said...

You look SO CUTE! Sending you good vibes from France. Hope that you are doing well!