Monday, June 11, 2007

I blame the pregnancy

My sporadic and uninspiring posting can definitely be related to being pregnant! I am tired (constantly!). I have lack of focus - I just flit between projects neither completing nor progressing on any project. I am about to start at least 7 new projects, but I haven't because I can't be bothered to look for the yarn, pattern or to swatch. Since the builders finished, I have been tidying up and reorganising what feels like the whole house. I am officially fed up of washing and folding tiny mini stuff.

My list of things to do before baby arrives include:
  • finish packing the hospital bag. Find essentials like maternity bras!
  • Put up blinds and curtains in the children's new bedroom so that they can move in. I certainly don't want them waking up at 5 in the morning
  • set up the nursery in the room to be vacated by the children
  • Spring clean the whole house as it's covered in dust (still!)
  • Tidy up spare room so my parents can stay when they visit
  • I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it at the moment
I must go through my stash as well because I am about to collapse under a mountain of yarn.


Kathy said...


You are growing a baby! WHo cares if you are not knitting constantly. You have so much to do. Can't you get a maid to do all that dusting? Woman Sells Stash for Maid while Nesting in last Trimester.
I say paper plates for everyone until the baby is a month old. Children wear adorable clothing for two days minimum. (reduce all that laundry until baby arrives and grandparents arrive to do laundry )

How about hubby hangs those curtains. I shudder to think of you on a ladder or a chair right now.

love your neonatal intensive care RN worrier, kathy b

Kim in Oregon said...

Ling...wait til next Spring to do the spring cleaning!

Just enjoy the time with the two little ones before little one number three comes!

Get the little ones to help with their 'big move' to the 'big kids room'!

Alison said...

1. Baby will not care, or know if house is dusty. Honest. Grandparents and visitors wont know either, because all eyes will be on baby.
2. You'll always wash. It can, and will, wait for another day.
3. baby also does not care if there are blinds in the room - they will sleep regardless. Hang blanket over rod if need be.

Baby knitting/sewing/making is another matter. because each stitch you make, you are somehow making for the baby out of undying love and that seems terribly important. I didn't get nearly as much done as I thought, but in the end I loved making once Pia was here - it seemed much more real, and much more personal to make for a baby curled in my arms, and some of those pieces are the ones I have found the hardest to let go of when she's grown out of them.

The last months/weeks seem to drag by interminably, but the end is so worth it, which you know - keeping that perspective that there is an end (really), and it will happen, is hard and draining mentally and physically, especially with another little one in tow wanting all your immediate cache of energy and time. I've been there, and I am sending you many hugs and dinners of support :)

ruth said...

sending you lots of love and well wishes as the weeks count down! thinking of you, hope you get what you need done (with help, of course) =)
hugs, ruth

mary said...

Any chance you're nesting already? Rest your feet up, watch a chick flick or Jet Li movie, knit if you feel like it, and take a nap. It will get done eventually! Do what makes you happy right now.

alltangledup said...

hey Ling, don't stress so much. Relax and things that need to get done will be done and who cares about the stuff that doesn't need to get done anyway. I too vote that you put your feet up and watch some Jet Li or Chow Yun Fat ;-)

RooKnits said...

I agree with everyone else. Have some "me" time and don't worry. Enjoy spending time with the other two before number 3 comes along and relax!

Mimi said...

It's normal to feel tired and frustrated with housework (I am all the time).Since you are expecting a little one you have to take easier. Just keep your bedroom neat and stay in there when you can't manage the rest. That's what I did when I was sick a little back ago. Sending you some good vibes! Take good care of yourself!