Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knit Love Club

These socks are Rumpled by Alice (previously of Socktopus). The first installment of our sock club socks. The pattern is great, the yarn is yummy (if a bit splitty) and they're keeping my footsies nice and toasty.
You should wait and see the second installment of the sock club. Scary!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A hoodie

I've been thinking about knitting a hoodie for myself for a very long time. If you check out my queue on Ravelry, it's got quite a few hoodies on that list. My favs, in no particulare order:

Cardigan for Arwen
Apres Surf Hoodie

However, I decided to cast on for the Heather Hoodie from Knitscene Fall 09. I started it in December and I finished it a few weeks ago. I've been wearing it without any closures. I thought I'd put toggles but I didn't like them. So I think I'm going to put in a zip. I just need the time to find one and take a deep breath to sew it in.

Apologies for the bad photos - they were taken by the 7 year old.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

More handspun

Like a proud mummy, I'm showing off my handspun. This is what I've managed to spin over the last 3-4 weeks.
This is my latest handspun. 140g of BFL fibre dyed in pinks and purples. There's approximately 220 metres of yarn. This was my first lot of handspun on the wheel. I had approximately 80g of white undyed BFL and approximately 80g of orange, yellow mystery fibre ( I think it's also BFL but I can't be sure as it had no labels!)
This I showed off in the last post.

And finally, this is merino silk fibre which I had dyed in indigo at a natural dyeing workshop. I think theres 100g of fibre.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Adventures in Spinning

I have been a very busy trying out my new-found hobby. Spinning on a wheel - so much faster and easier than on a drop spindle. No - I haven't splurged and bought a new wheel, I borrowed a wheel from a friends who was travelling and will be moving house. I've had it for 3 and half weeks and I've been spinning practically every day. The first few days were soooo frustrating - I just couldn't do it. I perservered and voila! - It clicked and I've had a bit of success. So far I've managed to spin about 400g of fibre.

Here's one little example. The fibre is from LimeGreenJelly, which I bought ages ago.

And this is the end product! What shall I make with it??