Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween projects

I suddenly realised that halloween was nearly upon us and that I haven't even organised costumes or treats or anything. I thought the one thing I could do was make them a nice pumpkin bag to take trick-a-treating. I always wanted to make the dumpling bag from Interweave Knits Fall 08. I didn't have any orange yarn (not a colour that usually appeals to me), so quick dye job later on some white Cascade 220. The orange was bit too bright but I figure, it'll be Ok. The kids won't complain.

A few days later, 2 dumpling bags knitted. Feting was a bit hit and miss in my front loading machine. So, here they are - 2 trick-a-treating bags. I was going to make pumpkin faces, but I didn't have any black felt. i'll have to go to the LYS for some supplies tomorrow.

I also did manage some crochet monsters from this book. Here's Cthulhu and Ninja. In fact, I have many orders to fulfill from this book. My BIL wants a whole army of ninjas and the corporate zombie and the grim reape. The kids want everything but especially Trojan and Spartan for Aidan, Amazon and the skeleton bride and groom for Keira. I'm going to be busy!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FOs and WIPs

I have one question- where has this year year gone???? Blink and suddenly we're almost at the end of October. I haven't started many summer knits and now it's time to start the Winter ones (I'm bypassing autumn knits, as the weather is super cold in London!) And with the end of October looming, I have to find time for gift knitting. Hubby and Aidan both have birthdays in November. Christmas is coming. Oh the stress!!

Being the slow knitter that I am, I have almost fnished one gift for the hubby. I started it way back in May or June as an anniversary present (due in July). I finally finished knitting the main bag last week. I've tried felting it a few times but the Noro Kureyon is refusing to co-operate, while the grey Cascade 220 felted beautifully. My next washing machine will be a top loader.Watch this space to see how this will end up.
I also made hubby a manly cowl. I knitted this in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky in Camouflage. I think he'll like this and at least find it useful (he rides a motorbike to work.)

Lastly, I also started the Baby pinwheel Jacket for Zoe. I'm up to the division for the sleeves. I'm making good progress so hopefully, this will be finished soon. (Famous last words, I've actually got a million other things on the needles and which need finishing up soon!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ally Pally

The exciting thing that happened last week was The Knitting and Stitching Show at AlexanderPalace. I went as a consumer on Friday. And I went again as a volunteer at the Learn to knit stand on Saturday. I had so much fun on both days. Both days were tiring for very different reasons. I also met lots of people I knew from Ravelry. It was fun.

Here's the Hyperbolic reef that was on display. (I had meant to crochet some bits for it, but had failed miserably!)

It was also one of the first few times that I've left the kids for so many hours with my nanny. This greeted me when I got home, after a long day. The kids wrote - "I love you Mum" at the front gate. It was so sweet.

I'll post about the rest of my purchases another time, but here's some fabric I picked up. I'd better dust the sewing machine.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tie dyeing

Or what to do with the children on a rainy day or week. Buy cheap white t-shirts (2 for £4) and a few Dylon discs. Find rubber bands (we have hundreds accumulated over time!) and marbles. Involve children in tying up marbles. Follow simple Dylon instructions (but still managing to forget to add salt to the dark pink dye - those t-shirts are gonna run!) .

A few washes and a few days later, happy kids.

Here's a gratuitious shot of baby, even though she didn't get her t-shirt, she was happy!