Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween projects

I suddenly realised that halloween was nearly upon us and that I haven't even organised costumes or treats or anything. I thought the one thing I could do was make them a nice pumpkin bag to take trick-a-treating. I always wanted to make the dumpling bag from Interweave Knits Fall 08. I didn't have any orange yarn (not a colour that usually appeals to me), so quick dye job later on some white Cascade 220. The orange was bit too bright but I figure, it'll be Ok. The kids won't complain.

A few days later, 2 dumpling bags knitted. Feting was a bit hit and miss in my front loading machine. So, here they are - 2 trick-a-treating bags. I was going to make pumpkin faces, but I didn't have any black felt. i'll have to go to the LYS for some supplies tomorrow.

I also did manage some crochet monsters from this book. Here's Cthulhu and Ninja. In fact, I have many orders to fulfill from this book. My BIL wants a whole army of ninjas and the corporate zombie and the grim reape. The kids want everything but especially Trojan and Spartan for Aidan, Amazon and the skeleton bride and groom for Keira. I'm going to be busy!!


Kathy said...

Oh my Gosh, your kids are toooooooo adorable. The bride and groom skeletons sound like the Day of the Dead figures, based on All Souls Day, Nov 2.
I have to see how yours turn out b/c my son was born on the Day of the Dead, and he's into it. He is thinking of majoring in Teaching in college with a Spanish minor.

Pumpkin bags, adorable!

Kim in Oregon said...

What a great (and environmentally friendly) idea to felt the trick or treat bags!

I hope the kiddos have fun.