Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The waiting game

4 days and counting till due date. I'm still hoping she's going to arrive sooner rather than later, but we'll see. My in-laws have been around for the last few days and my parents are about to arrive later today. It's going to be all go around here soon.

In the meantime, I've been putting my time to good use and have been knitting up a storm! I've started 2 new projects . I've completed 1 and nearly completed the second. First up, a little bag from Barefoot Knits for my little Princess. A super quick and easy knit which took all of 3 hours to make. She hasn't stopped using it since I finished it.

Pattern - Bag from Barefoot Knits
Yarn - leftover Rowan Handknit Cotton from baby blanket in Shell and Rosso
Modifications - I crocheted the strap instead of making i-cord strap because the little Princess needed instant gratification. Button - chosen by the little Princess.

Next up, It's the Wave Jacket from Rowan's Miss Bea's Seaside. (I do love the Miss Bea's series!) . I've finished the back, the 2 fronts and most of the sleeves. I made it slightly bigger than the largest size. Hopefully in the next day or so, I'll be able to stick it into washing machine get it to miraculously shrink by 20% (in length) and fade a little. Ooh - the excitement!!!


Kim in Oregon said...

OH MY Ling...I totally lost track of time! Here's to a speedy arrival!

alltangledup said...

just think.. any day now!!! must be nerve wracking with a houseload of rellies

amanda said...

Hang in there, here's hoping baby comes soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with you and your new baby!!!

Jackie T.

Alison said...

Counting counting, waiting, waiting - this is the hardest part (for me anyway). Being productive is good! Happy knitting and I hope all the relatives are a help for you.

RooKnits said...

Fingers crossed that everything goes well for you. I love the Miss Bea books too - I think it is about time I made something else from them.

Rain said...

Cute bag and I love the colours in the jacket.

Fingers crossed the bean arrives soon and you have an easy labour.

Kathy said...

Ohhhh I am so glad you will have lots of hands to help out. I love the sweater. Great work. The little purse is adorable.

Ive been worried about you with the rain.

MMMMMM, can I guess when she'll come?
I'll say 7/27/07 for all the lucky sevens on that date. And because it is tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Today is the 29th so you might have had the baby by now, if it's the case congratulation Ling! If you haven't good luck with everything, I hope all goes well.

I love the little bag, so cute!