Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blink and another week is over

Where does the time go? Suddenly, I find another week has gone and I've neglected my poor blog. I do have a small excuse. Keira, my 2.5 year old has tonsilitis and has been running a fever of 38 -40 degrees celsius for 2 days. Finally, yesterday, I took her to the doctor and got a prescription for antibiotics and amazingly, she has been such a different child. Fever - gone. Crying and clingy child - gone. I haven't had to sleep on the floor next to her for the third night running!! Hurray!

I will show some knitting soon. But I wanted to share something else. The sexiest man alive at People magazine. There are some yummy candidates on that list. But my top 10 are as follows:
1. Keanu Reeves
2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Johnny Depp
4. Jake Gyllenhal
5. Brad Pitt
6. Josh Lucas
7. James Denton (from Desperate Housewives)
8. Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break)
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Viggo Mortensen
11. Denzel Washington
12. Lots of very fit sporty athletes - six packs are so sexy!!

I'm pretty sure I'll add to this list once I've a bit more of a think. Anyway, I'm off to google for more sexy men.

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ruth said...

glad to hear keira is doing better under medication! and that list you made... very yummy.. haha! you forgot to add in McDreamy and McSteamy!! =D