Friday, February 02, 2007

T'was my birthday

Another year older, but still none the wiser! It was lovely to celebrate my birthday with my parents and sister as I haven't done that in long time. We went to a fantastic Japanese Buffet in KL and just stuffed our faces. Yummy, yummy food. After that, I went fabric shopping for cottons for more quilts. A fantastic day!!!

I haven't done much these last few days/weeks. I've just been eating lots and resting lots. I'm currently working on 2 pairs of socks and a baby blanket. One pair of socks is nearing completion, the other pair will hopefully be started when I get on the flight back to London. The blanket is just a jumbled mess at the moment. I really need to sort this out as the baby was born on 15 Oct 2006. Ooops! I also finished the dress for Keira but it needs a good block and a few finishing touches put in. More on that later.

I don't know if many of you watch Firefly, a cult sci-fi series which got cancelled far too early. Well, my sister is a huge fan, and she wanted a Jayne Cobb hat. So here is my version of it. I knitted it in GGH Samoa (she doesn't need a wool hat in hot and sunny KL!) The colours aren't exactly right but she's happy with it. Actually, so are the kids.
BTW - go check out the preview of Rowan magazine 41. I think are some lovely designs there. More to add to my ever grwoing wish list!


Kathy said...

Happy Late BirthdaY! here's hoping it is your best year yet.

I LOVE the hat. The colors are wonderful.

kateandmonsters said...

Hey Ling! Happy Belated Birthday. I know what you mean about celebrating your birthday with family once you've got your own, esp with living so far away. Sounds like things have gotten loads better in KL. Love the hat, the kids look like they love it too...

Rain said...

Happy Birthday!

The hat looks great. I hope your sister manages to get it back from the kids.