Friday, January 26, 2007

Where have I been?

It's been almost 10 whole days since I last updated this poor neglected blog. Well, a lot has happened in 10 days, especially if there are kids involved.

My little princess has been ill for the last 6 or 7 days. So ill, that I had to admit her into the local hospital for 4 days. She was running such a high temperature. She didn't want to eat or drink. Her throat was so sore. In the end, the doctors advised on putting her on a drip. She really did look sad and forlorn. After some blood tests, we found out she had glandular fever. Poor thing. We were discharged on Wednesday ( I say we becos I had to spend that time in hospital with her!). Thankfully, she's all better now. Actually, so much better that she's back fighting with her brother.
I did manage some knitting in the 4 days in hospital, though not as much as I liked! I started a little top for Keira about 2 weeks ago with some HipKnits 100% DK cotton. The yardage was very good so I decided to make it into a little dress. I added some Rowan Calmer in Blush for contrast for the bottom edging. I made up the pattern as I went along. The problem with that was - I had to rip out the bottom edge twice. I just didn't like how it was looking. But I'm quite pleased with it now.
After all that, I almost forgot to mention, I had a lovely meet up with 2 of the KL knitters. I had bought some yarn for Mona from the Liberty sales and met up with her to hand it over. It's always nice to enhance someone else's stash. It's always strange to meet someone in person whom only met on the net. (Also remember, I'm staying at my parents and they still treat me like a child and they were worrying about me meeting strangers and there was much explaining to do!)

I had a lovely time. Mona was very friendly (so was her hubby and little boy!) and we had a lovely chat. Like Mona said, it was like meeting an old friend. Then another knitter, Jackie, came along. The first thing she said to me was - "I know you, but where from." Turns out, she was the same Jackie who lived next door to me, who went to the same school (although she was a year younger) and we were in the same car pool. I haven't seen her in years ( I won't say how many becos it would show my age!) and she hasn't really changed much. I really had a fun time and I do love meeting new people.


Anonymous said...

I missed the last Meetup, am glad you guys had a good time :)

ra said...

oh bless her, she looks so tiny next to her drip stand. Glad she's feeling well enough to annoy her brother!!

Jessica said...

I hope that your little daughter is feeling better. She looks so folorn in the hospital photo with her I.V. I see you just visited Malaysia--one of my sisters lives in KL.

mary said...

So sorry to hear Princess had to go to the hospital. She is so adorable, even when standing in the hospital with her IV. Poor thing. I hope you survived it okay, and are getting rest.

Rain said...

Aw the poor love. I hope she feels a lot better soon.

The top for her looks lovely so far.

Kathy said...

Oh little princess with her IV pole and little shoes.....was she posing just for the blog or her own little memory book? SHE IS ADORABLE. I hope your nurses were wonderful.

Glad you stayed well during it.

It is hard to be a parent even when your kids are big!!!!!! The knit blog community is a hard one to describe to an older generation I'll bet.