Wednesday, September 13, 2006

** Blushing** still

I have been having an amazing week. While reading my usual daily read of blogs, I found Becky (someone I have always read, but never commented, because I'm a little bit shy and in awe!!) about to rip out a partially completed project because she had run out of yarn. The yarn in question was Rowan Cork in Mouse. I had some in my ever growing stash, so offered it to a knitter in need. I have been amazed by the gratitude and recognition (check out her blog). (And also by the speed of Royal Mail - I posted the package on Friday, and it arrived in France on Monday. Wow, who knew Royal Mail was actually efficient!). I am ever thankful to the internet and blogland for making new friends! My visitor stats will probably soar this week!

While in my hunt for the said Rowan Cork, I found a bag of Rowan Big Wool in Latte. Being inspired by Becky's love of neutrals, I decided to cast on for new project. I love 2 of the Big Wool cardigans/jackets in Rowan 40 - Pampas and Kay. I haven't got quite enough wool for Pampas, so decided to cast on for Kay. I have practically finished the back in one 2 hour sitting. How's that for instant gratification! Talking of instant gratification, I've also started on Fetching from Summer Knitty. Here's one fingerless glove completed. The yarn is Malabrigio in purple mix. Love the yarn and the colour. Unfortunately, it's still a little bit big for my hands. I figure it can be my early start for Christmas presents.
Kim - Thanks for your tip on the Lady E. In my yarn hunt, I found that I have 11 balls of the Noro Silk Garden. No worries about running out of yarn, I just need to get my b*tt in gear and start knitting!!!


Rain said...

Your fetching look so pretty in that colourway.

Becky said...

Every night this week I've been knitting a fews on the sweater and I'm almost done reknitting that ripped sleeve I told you about. It looks like I'll have a new project to show very soon, all thanks to you. VIVA LING! [Waves banner around with Ling's name written on it.]

That color of Big Wool you're using is fabulous. Sometimes I get tempted by brighter colors but I think that neutrals are so much easier to mix, no?

Looks like someone lucky is going to get that Fetching mitt. It's a very pretty color. Will you be knitting some for yourself? I knit some fingerless mitts for myself a while ago and was surprised at how much use I got out of them. They're rock chic and keep your hands warm, to boot.

Anab1 said...

I did link over to your blog from Becky's page, but I've now added you to my knitblog favourites to visit frequently. I'm an American but live in England and am always happy to find other knitters here.
Tempting II looks postively fabulous too!

Kathy said...

Just lovely choices for the fall knitting. Well, it is fall here.

I love fingerless, I love making them, giving them as gifts, and wearing my own.

mary said...

I love the purple mix for your pair of fetching. I can't wait until I have time to do that pattern. My future for the next 5 months... socks socks and more socks, and the beaded evening bag of course. It's amazingly easy. I just needed a kick in the pants to get me going. I got a few more rows today and only have about 8 more rows before I'm done with this side. Zipping along nicely, if I do say so myself. Can't wait to see pictures of the new wool!