Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hello - I'm back

Hello world. I'm back in sunny London (NOT!) and reunited with the kids!! Hurray, I've missed them so much. Now that I'm back, I've suddenly realised how much I get to spend on knitting and blogging in actual reality ie not very much! A good four to five hours a day on holiday to half an hour if I'm lucky now.

I've made good progress on my ribbed tank except that, I've now that I've tried it on, I need to reknit the cups. Even my insubstantial boobs need a bit more coverage than I've got at the moment. So, more progress on that soon.

On other progress, I've joined the Sexy Knitters Club and will be joining in on the knitalong. I've got stash yarn for both patterns in knitalong Orangina and Somewhat Cowl and I just need to decide which one to do. Or both, which is another option. If I get a moment, I'll swatch and decide!!!

I almost forgot, I've also been to the Stich and craft show at Olympia. I have to say, this show is nothing compared to Ally Pally. However, that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything. (I'll have to show it another time as I've promised hubby I'm not buying any more yarn. Like really!!) Must go, my half an hour is alomost up!!


Kim in Oregon said...

Ling--I'm happy to post to the UK if you are ok with the postage costs. Send me your post code and I'll calculate the shipping costs and let you know before you commit!

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Ling.

I checked the postage, and to send it global priority would be $9.50. This should get it there in 4-6 days, supposedly. The 'regular' mail, which takes 4-6 weeks, would be $10!

So the total cost for books and shipping is $30.50 US which translates into 17.45 pounds. If you do paypal, my paypal address is ksheehan AT rowell DOT uoregon DOT edu ....let me know if you want to purchase them and I'll get them out tomorrow.