Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is busy

but that should not be an excuse for me to not update my blog!!!

I had the most enjoyable Friday. I went to Aidan's first school Sports Day. The morning session was only for the little ones (Reception and Form 1, ie 4/5 year olds and 5/6 year olds). It was so sweet to see the little legs running and the joy in their faces for winning a race. It made really my day.
I know everyone seems to talking about the February Lady sweater. I just wanted to show you the baby February sweater, knitted by Polly for Zoe. This sweater (actually a cradigan!) has seen so much wear. She wore it as a 3 month old and is still wearing it as a 10 month old and still has space to grow into it. Brilliant!! We love this knit. Thank you, Auntie Polly.

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Kathy said...


February sweater is so beautiful. Baby is way too cute. Love the kids pictures!