Sunday, March 01, 2009


My lovely neighbour bought me these flowers.........
I rediscovered a vintage top for Keira to wear. I wore that as a child in the 70s.

Makes me think of flowers and spring projects. Hmmm, what to cast on??? Some of the considerations from my Ravelry queue:

Cabled Rangoli Hat

Fairytale Dress

Prickly Girl Tank

Rambling Rose

Eden scarf


Jackie said...

Oh beautiful sunflowers ! I love to see flower growing in my small garden, but due to no direct sunlight, is not easy to grow one.

U are so lucky to have a neighbour who grows sunflower.

that's indeed a vintage top.

Kathy said...


Your children are so beautiful. My son has dated a beautiful inside and out girl whose parents are from Thailand. Oh they would have such cute Amer-Asian children!!!!! But Im way ahead of themselves!