Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ready for Christmas

I know it's nearly mid Dec but I have literally lost 2 weeks of my life. Kids have been really ill. I've been really ill. It's only now that I'm feeling like myself.

My major achievement this weekend - putting up the Christmas tree. It took about 2 hours because the children were helping me. Zoe insisted on carrying every breakable glass bauble and dropping quite a few but luckily not breaking any. Here's our tree in all its glory.

Little angel I made years ago.....Rudolf ornament
Beautiful bauble from Chicago


Anonymous said...

Glad you all all well again. Getting a tree and decorating it with children is so special, my daughter and I had a great time too decorating our tree. Every year Miss T chooses a new bauble or decoration and we have a very eclectic mix!

Marja said...

LOL I can totally relate to the tree taking ages because of little helpers. My little one Charlie is worse than having a cat around a tree at Christmas. He takes all the baubles off and launches them through the living room while Noemie shouts "no Charlie!". Luckily they are unbreakable ones... though chances are Charlie will find a way. Boys!

Glad you felt better so I got to meet you today!


Kathy said...

Oh so glad it is over for you! Now to enjoy the days ahead.

I just took out the adorable tree you sent me last year with your charity knit hat! Ilove that little tree!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Ling,

I hope you and the kids are feeling better now. Your tree looks great, your kids have done a good job. :) Cool Angel too.

Take care.