Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter blues

I can't quite believe half the month of January has gone. One day it was New Year's Eve, next thing I know it's mid January. Where does the time go??

I think I'm suffering from the winter blues. We didn't go anywhere during the Christmas break and it has been cold, grey and snowy for the longest time in London. The only good thing about the cold weather is that it's encouraging me to knit again.

Just look at how grey and snowy everything is....


Kathy said...


I think I know your pain! Im so glad when the sun sets b/c I don't have to look at the greyness anymore!

I usually get this way in March. Im not there yet.

Cheery thougths your way! Get out to a funny movie with the kids maybe, or a museum. Or leave them with hubby and go get your toes done!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Ling,

Yes, I know what you mean, but we did a few hours of sunshine yesterday. :)

We try to go for a walk, even if it is grey and cold outside.

Anyway, I agree that it is good to knit on weathers like this. Let me know if you're going to I-Knit.