Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's half term for me (again). Aidan had his half term last week, which included having the girls off sick from school for 2 days! This week, with Aidan back in school, the girls have their half term. I've spent the last 2 weeks pretty much entertaining various children. The knitting has been pretty stop-start, so I won't bother showing any progress shots. It'll be the same as last time!

I will show you what we've been baking. Kuih Bangkit - a traditional Malaysian biscuit that is normally served during festivals, like Chinese New Year. I remember my grandmother making these biscuits for Chinese New Year and they were delicious! (certainly much better than the shop bought ones) I found a great recipe from my favourite food blog.

Here's my attempt. Check out the wooden moulds, which my brother bought for me from Singapore. And the biscuits were delicious! They were coconutty and melt in the mouth. They are a lot of work, so maybe I'll be making them only for special occassions!

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kathy b said...

oh how neat Ling. Do you hang those gorgeous boards in your kitchen for decor too? I LOVE Them. Labor intensive huh? You can teach the kids when they get older! I'll bet one of them will love to cook and bake!