Friday, October 14, 2005


The anticipation and excitement of going to Ally Pally could be felt by 7 am this morning. I was up bright and early to make sure I packed everything I needed for the day. Show guide, wallet, cheque book, bottle of water, something to knit on the train journey, snacks and notes on what I wanted to knit so I knew what to buy. You might have guessed what I forgot on the list already. I, however, did not realise this until I got out at Wood Green. You guessed it - my ticket which I purchased in advance!!! Doh! Double Doh! I couldn't just turn around and go home to get it. The journey took about an hour. I had to drop the kids off at the nursery (Keira is not used to being left on her own with strangers, and I had to spend half an hour settling her in! Not including two 2 hour sessions earlier in the week already). Oh well, there goes £12 on a second ticket. But this means I could go again on Sunday! Hurray!

I got to meet the lovely Kerrie in the flesh. It certainly feels strange to meet someone in person when you know them from the internet. There were lots of gorgeous yarn on display. I succumbed to some HipKnits silk in the Stormy colourway, also 1 skein of sari yarn to experiment with and a silk flower kit. (See purchases below). Kerrie was worried about the silk selling out before Sunday arrives, no wonder, they are gorgeous. Lovely to feel and gorgeous colourways. In my excitement, I forgot to take any photos. Oops.

I also got to meet and chat with Nicky Epstein, who was very friendly and helpful. She signed copies of my purchases and posed for photographs, which I can't seeem to show because Blogger won't let me!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!

It was also nice to chat to chat to people where you have been buying from, like Get Knitted, Debbie Bliss, Web of Wool and plenty more. Apart from the silk yarn, I loved the yarns from Kaalund Yarns. Both the girls Kirsty and Jodie were fantastic. I came away with 2 skeins of Expressions, one in Waterlily and one in Anemone. What shall I do with them?
I set my self budget for the day and was very glad I didn't over spend. Apart fromwhat I already mentioned, I also bought some sock yarn from Web of Wool. The selection was tremendous.

I had a fabulous day and will definitely go again next year. (I might still go on Sunday as I still have a ticket to use up!)

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Mimi said...

Such a fun day! I am so envious of your adventure. :D I am sure the extra ticket is a good excuse to go back!