Monday, October 03, 2005

Where to buy Japanese craft books

I had a query on how to obtain Japanese craft books. I usually buy mine when I'm visiting Malaysia or Singapore where I have family. That is not very useful if you live all the way here in the UK. Recently, I have been getting them from a great website called (the Oriental version of Amazon). Yesasia is much easier to use than Amazon Japan in that it's in English. If you know the ISBN of the book, then it becomes much easier to purchase.

There is also a great website called Crafting Japanese set up by Maitreya, which is a resource for people who collect japanese craft books. Oh yes, we do collect them. Once you start, it becomes difficult to stop. Also you get to see loads of books that you never knew existed. There's also a guide on how to buy on the site. Go check it out!

I hope my links work as I've really not tried to link before. Let me know.

PS: There aren't too many places to buy Japanese craft books in London. There is a good bookstore in the Japan Centre on Picadilly Circus but their craft book selection is limited. The best bet is still the Net.


AngelSan said...

Thanks a million for the links ! They are a great ressource indeed...

Ruth said...

wow, i'm so glad i stumbled onto your blog. i just came back from malaysia and singapore and absolutely fell in love with all the japanese craft books. thank you for the resources/links!! =D