Thursday, September 29, 2005

Progress report

Remember a few weeks back when I injured my hand playing netball and couldn't really knit for too long. That's healed. Well this week, I twisted my ankle really badly so I can't walk! Great. Does anybody realise how difficult it is to have 2 young children and not being able to walk! My husband and I don't have any family who live nearby either (parents and siblings are in Switzerland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia). I don't have the luxury of a nanny either. Thankfully, hubby could work from home and has been a godsend. *Mwah* astral kisses your way!

But he had to go back to work today and thankfully I'm feeling a lot better. The ankle is the size of a plum and in a lovely shade of purple. I did consider doing a self potrait Tuesday but decided against it! Hubby said it was way too gross.

However, I have had a lot of time to knit, including some time in A&E waiting for an x-ray. After all the horror stories on waiting times, I was seen and sent home in less than 45 minutes. So I got approximately 2 rows completed on Clapotis (second time around). I'm still on the increase rows. It's got the slight feeling of been there, done that. So am slightly unmotivated with it.

However, more progress has been made on my shrug. I have completed the back, one sleeve and I have started the second sleeve. Had to fudge the pattern slightly as my row gauge was slightly out. We'll have to see how it turns out. I'm hoping to complete this soon as I have loads of new projects which I want to start. More about that soon.


ra said...

thanks for your message on my blog ling. You're the first one that isn't spam or my sister. I think you should go for the ankle pic (men are just sooo squeamish). Glad to hear you're on the mend. Go carefully.

Laura.Y said...

oh dear, get well soon. :)

AngelSan said...

Just discovered your blog... I hope you'll be up and running soon !

I mostly interested in the soft toys you made, and the felt mascots books on your blog. Where did you get them from? Is there any good shops to buy japanese craft books in London?

Chibisan said...

Hi, Ling! I'm glad you liked my few readers :(..Anyway, I hope you'll be feeling well soon and I found the Rebecca issue you asked about. It was #26 for the Asian top!