Friday, September 16, 2005

Completed projects from Rowan Babies

Truth be told - I really only picked my knitting needles again (after an 18 year break) when I found out I was pregnant. So three years ago, I started knitting again. Most of my projects tended to be stuff for the children. Sweaters, hats, scarves and toys - so far. Knitting for the kids is brilliant for me - short attention span, fast completion time. (Although, one or two projects have stalled).

This is one of my first "big" knits. Raglan sweater from Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits Book. It was super easy to knit and super quick too. If I remember correctly, it was in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran. ( I know, it's not technically from Rowan Babies!!). It's being modeled by Keira, although I knitted it for her elder brother.

She has been super patient modelling all the different knitted items today. This next knit is from Rowan Babies. It's Relish and knitted in Rowan Wool Cotton in shade 951 Tender. This was completed about a year ago when she was only a little baby.

The next picture is another poncho, Dapple, again from Rowan Babies. It's knitted in All Seasons Cotton in a lilac colour. Apologies, I have forgotten the shade and number. It's knitted in the 2 -3 year old size, hence it's looking a bit big. But that's the great thing about poncho's. Now that the weather is changing, it will be perfect!

Next up is Streamer, also from Rowan Babies. It's knitted in 4-ply soft. The only problem with knitting in 4-ply soft is that it does take a long time to knit. But as the name suggests, it is lovely and soft.

Lastly for today, this is Husky in Rowan Big Wool inRascal. I do love knitting children's knits in Big Wool. It took absolutely no time at all. (Even for me, and I take forever with most items).

Here ends my little promotion of Rowan Babies. I do knit from other publications apart from Rowan, honest.


Purse_Ho said...

you do BEAUTIFUL WORK!! and your little one is adorable!!!!!

candsmom said...

The sweaters are all so beautiful! I especially love "Relish". So pretty! As is your daughter! (And patient, to boot. No small feat for such a young one!) I think I may need to get a copy of Rowan Babies. :-)