Sunday, September 25, 2005

Barbie dolls

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved barbie dolls. But having 2 sisters and a mum who hates spending money on junk, we had to share the dolls and make clothes and furniture for the dolls. If my mum hasn't thrown it away yet, there is a box in KL, Malaysia with 3 bedraggled barbie dolls, clothes and furniture. Maybe I should get it shipped to me here... hmmm..... now there's an idea.

Well this brings me to what I was going to blog about. Japanese craft books on clothes making for Barbie dolls. The ISBN of this book is 4579109821. This has to be my favourite book. The dresses in it are just gorgeous. If only it was life size, I would wear them. (No not make them as I haven't even managed to make any for my barbie doll - sorry not mine, my daughter's). These dresses are sized for silkstone dolls which have slightly different dimensions to regular Barbie dolls.


ra said...

wow, they're beautiful!

Maureen said...

Those patterns are just beautiful. I'd love full size versions for me - so gorgeous!