Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Going slow on the knitting

I have had to go slow on the knitting. If anyone recalls, I started playing netball in a competitive netball league (this doesn't mean I'm good, I just run around like a headless chicken), well I got a slight injury on my little finger on my right hand. The knuckle is swollen and is slightly bruised. I have to say I got away lightly as my teammate has a bad strain on her ankle. She is immoble and is on crutches. She has 16 month old twins and and a three year old! OMG!!

I'm going on a break for a few days on the knitting. But I will try and photograph and detail some of my completed projects, more Japanese craft books and sort out my yarn stash. I have a feeling i'm going to have to liberate some of them.

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