Monday, September 19, 2005

Retro Knit & Crochet

I just wanted to share some pictures from a Japanese knit/crochet craft book from the late 70's which I just love. There some examples which I must have worn as child of the 70's. Apologies, it doesn't have a cover or an ISBN number. I'd like to make the little red/pink dress on the left. Just fab!
Crochet swimwear - I just love it! Maybe by next summer, there'll be an FO on this blog on crochet swimwear.
Next up is a crochet beach cover up/ hoodie. I have actually completed the one on the right. So here are some pics on my effort. Doesn't Keira look cute modelling it! I started this in February when I was in Malaysia visiting my parents and decieded to check out the LYS. This is knitted in Gedifra cotton in cream and red. This is my first crochet project in a long time.

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candsmom said...

Those are such great craft books!! Did you keep them from the '70's or did you recently acquire them? Either way, what a find! They'd still be quite stylish today. Fabulous job on the hoodie- you're daughter is just precious. :-)