Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busy, busy, busy me

I have been so busy this last week. That's all because of the kids. I should change my status from mummy to chaffeur, cook, cleaner and general dogsbody. We have been to 1 birthday party, 2 christmas parties (with another 2 parties, tomorrow and Friday), making Christmas stockings (partially finished), clearing out one room to make it into their playroom, buying and wrapping Christmas presents and making a knitted Santa. The santa is for Aidan and I now have to make a knitted angel for Keira. Less than 12 days to go. Oh dear...... (I'll have to photo Santa tomorrow as it's past midnight now and I'm about to go to bed!)

I also just wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas Advent Calendar activity. This is our "Let's be a cat for the day". I also made felt cat's ears and braided tails but must have forgotten to take the picture.
And this is our "Let's have crazy hair today". The kids put on every single hair accessory on their heads. We had curlers in our hair, pigtails, clips, you name it! It's been so fun!

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ra said...

I love the idea of an advent calender with stuff to do instead of chocolate. Are your children always that cute?