Thursday, December 01, 2005

Advent Calendar

No knitting was done the last 2 days. Instead, I have been making an advent calendar for the children. I didn't really want to just buy a chocolate/sweets filled one (they have a lot of sugar in their diet already). So I made a fun activity filled one, having seen a great post on loobylu. I made small paper envelopes and stuck them on christmas tree cardboard cut out. Stuck a star on top. Wrote out 24 fun-filled activities and Hey presto!!! How it took 2 days to complete, I never know!!???

Here's Aidan looking totally unimpressed with it! His only comment was that the numbers were not in order and that I should have started with the number 1 and put them all in ascending order. Thanks cheeky monkey! Well, I like it and I thought I did a great job. Our fun activities included:
  • have a dress up day
  • make Christmas decorations
  • put up Christmas decorations
  • have a swimming adventure
  • go on a magical mystery adventure (we'll take a drive to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street)
  • bake cookies
  • make homemade pizza
  • have a crazy hair day
  • and I can't seem to remember what else I wrote. It'll be a surprise to me to find out what funfilled activity I had planned.

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