Friday, January 06, 2006

Out of sorts

Since the injury, I have been feeling all out of sorts. My body hurts in all the strangest of places, like ankles, left shoulder, calves and fingers. I think it's because I'm limping around. Never knew my body was a finely honed and tuned machine!!

I haven't felt like knitting much or in fact doing anything. This could also be related to the weather as it is COLD and GREY in London. Aarrrgghhhh. But this morning, I decided to make this with some Rowan Biggy Print which I had in my stash. I'm making it in shade 239 Giddy. I do love BIG needles, after 10 minutes, decent progress!!!
While in Switzerland, specifically Lausanne, I even managed to find some yarn stores. I didn't get much on the knitting front for Christmas. Hubby found 2 of my secret yarn stashes and decided that I probably had enough to last a lifetime. So I felt, I needed to add to the stash myself. I found a French publication called IDEES, which has fun crafty things to make for yourself, your home and your babies. It didn't put me off that I don't read French. I have a library of Japanese craft books and I don't read Japanese. Anyway, here are some photos from the magazine.

I also learnt that Lang Yarns are a Swiss company and they have some interesting yarns. But I only bought 1 ball of the blue variegated Lang Yarns (Tosca). They were full price. The pink yarn is Gedifra. I'm hoping to make hats for the kids from these. I bought a whole load of the blue and dark pink yarn at the bottom. They should knit up like Rowan's All Season Cotton. They cost CHF2 each, that's less than GBP1!! What a bargain!! If I can be bothered to knit, I'll be making stuff for the kids. Watch this space.

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