Monday, August 14, 2006

Converting the masses

I have converted one ex-knitter into a new very interested knitter. Hurray me!!! My sis-in-law was watching me knit every knit for the last 10 days and decided to get in on the action too. After one little swatch, she was hooked. She decided that she would like a cami, something like the Honeymoon Cami. So I set her up with some blue Cotton Fleece which I had in my stash and she's making progress.

The one good thing out of this knitting encouragement, she lives in Hong Kong (with cheap yarn) and travels a lot to Japan (lots of Japanese patterns and yarns like Noro!!) and China.

I'm making very little progress on the rest of my WIPs. I have finsihed 2 beanies in Rowan Big Wool but forgot to take any photos before they were gifted. Sorry for the lack of photos today.

The one good thing about this cold spell we're having, I really want to make some lovely, comforting knits. Roll on winter....


Rain said...

Converting or corrupting...? ;)

She'll be able to get you all sorts of fab things.

ra said...

hurrah you. That's clearly (one of) the upside of visitors.