Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another FO

Well, it's actually an almost FO. It's the Lotus Blossom Tank. I've made a few modifications to it. I changed it from this

to this.

Basically, I got a bit fed up with frogging and re-knitting the top. I know my gauge was a bit off, so I did the maths and adjusted the stitch count. But it was still too big - like 3 inches too big. After the second rip, I decided to cut my losses and made it into a strappy tank instead. I've crocheted some straps which I will attach it properly and sew up the last few ends. Overall, I'm pleased with it. Pattern notes:
Pattern : Lotus Blossom Tank, Interweave Knits Summer 06 ("some modifications")
Yarn: Rowan Linen drape in Reed shade 845. (A friend described it as "washed out & murky", but I like it!) 4 balls used.

On other news, I have been going a bit mad with the stash enhancement. I got a whole bunch of stuff at Get knitted (which I will have to show at another time - there was loads!!!!) and recently, even more stuff at Celticove.

Here's the close up, - Rowan All Seasons cotton in Misty shade 170 (14 balls -something for hubby), Mocha choc 212 (12 balls - something for me!) and Blackcurrant shade 211 (5 balls - something for Keira) and Rowan Wool Cotton August in shade 253 (10 balls - something from Rowan 40 for me I think!)

Here's the mountainous shot. Question, where am I going to hide this from hubby?!!
Other news, I received my new Rowan mag on Saturday. Totally out of the blue and I was very impressed with the new collection. There's loads of this which I would make (hence stash acquisition!). On my shortlist:
Anna socks (although I think I need to be a whole lot taller and have skinny legs - otherwise I'll look like I have stumps!)
Juno (the cost of 17 balls ofwool cotton would be off putting for this!)

Check it out here at


kateandmonsters said...


So much stash enhancement! We really must have a stash show when I get back and get organised...

Top looks fab. I'm jealous you fit Rowan patterns. And I hate sizing them upwards, it's too depressing.
Love the ASC, but sadly have way too much of my own, so am holding off til the Liberty Jan sale. I might even go to the preview evening of the Jan sale (I'm a liberty club card holder, after all...)

ra said...

that top looks lovely. I quite liked the one in the mag but it looked kinda, hmm stiff? but yours looks lovely. I have some linen drape (though I hated trying to knit with it) perhaps I should give it a try.

Rain said...

I much prefer your strappy version. It looks great on you.

Hmmmm hiding places... can't think of any he wouldn't find. You'll just have to knit faster and hide the results.

Seahorse said...

I love your Tank! I am a bit stuck on the shoulder portion of mine too, your solution looks great and I may use it myself.

I really like your Prairie Tunic. Could you just thread a pretty ribbon through the eyelets (are they eyelets?) at about waist level for a little more of a fitted look?