Saturday, August 18, 2007

GIfts, gifts, gifts...

I've completety forgotten what its like to have a newborn baby in the house. They cry lots, needs changing lots, don't sleep unless they are being held or cuddled, takes up loads of your time, needs constant feeding..... the list goes on.

I feel very honoured that my lovely blog friends have been showering me with loads of gifts and not just for the new arrival. This big bundle arrived from Kate with gifts for all of us and she even thoughtfully included 2 little toys for Aidan and Keira too. There's a beautiful hand knitted bolero and matching party dress for the new party princess.

Polly also sent a beautiful hand knitted cardigan and hat. The cardigan pattern is one from Elizabeth Zimmerman and is in a beautiful rich red. It's a little bit big for now, but I think it would be perfect in a few months time, especially for Chinese New Year where all things red are considered lucky. The hat is so adorable, especially the frilly brim. I understand, that took forever to knit!
Thank you once again to all my lovely friends for your thoughts, kind words and gifts.

I hope to find some time soon to knit and blog. In the meantime, transmission will be intermittent.


ruth said...

ling! just wanted to pop in to say hello and CONGRATS! we just got back from the UK yesterday.. was there from sunday evening to friday morning. i thought of you and figured the baby would be out by then, and didn't want to bother you. we went to your recommended malaysian restaurant and it was SO good! hope you and the baby are resting up well and getting adjusted... sounds like you are getting alot of help from family/inlaws. take care! =)

Kathy said...

Great to hear from you. Glad your priorities are like mine. That blueblog lady was knitting sweaters and blogging before she passed her placenta. Just enjoy that new little one and get your rest. Above all.

Knittin Gal said...

Hi Ling,

My mum is currently in the UK and I remember reading that your parents are there as well. She's like to catch up with them if that's at all possible. Do drop me an email if they are still around. FYI, she'll be in your part of the world will 10 Sept.

Your lil one is GORGEOUS!!!

Take care!!

Knittings Nice! said...

Reall6 must do the Zimmerman jacket...looks lovely.