Monday, April 21, 2008

Awww, you guys!

Firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments.
Polly - Juliet was finished a month ago, I only found buttons for it recently. I wore it buttonless a few times though.
Kathy - Here is the chubby arm look!!!

I think women are funny creatures. I don't think I've met one who's completely 100% happy with how she looks. For myself - I could lose a few more pounds (post baby) especially around the tummy area. I could be a bit more toned in the arms and butt and tummy. I'll have to wear padded bras and "chicken fillets" to have womanly curves. Having said that, I'm generally happy with what I've got - so long as it's not falling apart!!! So thank you again, for ALL your lovely comments.

Apart from knitting, I've also been doing a few other things. I went on a beading workshop and made this bracelet and pair of earrings. The workshop was about the exploration of colour and basic techniques. I had a great time and I'm going to be digging out all my old beads for more projects.

Finally, I made banana fritters (Malaysian style). They were super yummy. And enjoyed by all including Aidan, who doesn't normally eat bananas and Zoe, who is so picky about food.

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Kathy said...

hahahahaha Ling. i couldnt' even show you a good fat arm picture. I'd rather die I think. That is no fat arm lady! You are a hoot to post your skinny little arm. You look mahhhhvaaaahlus!

Beads are just lovely. Bananas....
hmmmm maybe you can share the recipe with me sometime.