Saturday, May 10, 2008


The weather in London has been glorious!!!! One day it was winter, and the next, summer arrived. Joy!!! It has made such a big difference to my life. I think it was because we had such a bad summer last year and being pregnant, we couldn't go anywhere. Now, I'm happy to be stuck in London. We've had barbeques and picnics. The only drawback is that Zoe is really suffering in the heat. Hope she gets used the heat.

On the knitting front, I've been very adventurous. I met up with Mel and her group at Amida in Hampton. It was such fun to be able to just knit for a few hours with other knitters and to have no children and husband to deal with. I'm pretty sure I'll be there for the next meet too!!

I have also finished Viv from the RYC AM to PM booklet. I think it's a great item of clothing which I will use a lot as part of my wardrobe. I'm also trying to branch out into different colours. My wadrobe and stash contains a lot of blue, grey, pink, black and some neutrals but not a lot of green, purple or bright colours. I am trying to diversify!


mary said...

Cute vest! Definitely a nice staple. I love adding color to my wardrobe, esp with knitted pieces. Have fun with it!

Kathy said...


Happy American Mothers day!

Is that a glass of wine in the picnic photo? Looks like midday.....heeheheeeee

Ling said...

Yes there was wine and it was good! So naughty to have wine in the day!!!