Monday, November 24, 2008


Hellooo! Life has been super busy these last few weeks. We have had illnesses in the last 4 weeks. Chest infections, tummy bugs, coughs and colds and unexplained high fevers. Oh, the joys of winter. I'm sure we'll have more as well.

Anyway, let's not dwell on it. I have been busy crafting and knitting these last few weeks. If I get my act together, I do have a cute advent calender for the kids. But the first o december is coming up relly quickly.

I have finished a new project recently. This is Buster from Rowan Babies. Knitted in Rowan Wool Cotton. I made this for a friends new baby. I made it in the 6 - 12 month size (just in case I was bit slowin the finishing up!) I'm happy to say that I did start and finish within 4 weeks and the cardigan is a bit big for the baby so hopefully, he'll have a bit wear this winter. Here's Zoe modelling the finished article. (Note she's 15 months and the cardigan fits her. She's so tiny!)


Kim in Oregon said...

Three sick kids AND you gift knit? You are amazing!

mary said...

Buster is so cute, esp on cutie patootie Zoe!

Kathy said...

You are amazing, Ling. Honestly. All I did was complain when my children were young and sick.

THAT sweater is adorable. Zoe is so darn cute.