Sunday, November 30, 2008

Struck down by flu

Why is it that if I catch the kids germs I get the full blown effect? They get coughs and colds and I get the full blown "can't get out of bed" flu. My symptoms from the last 2 days - shivers, fever, cough, sore throat, congestion, ear ache, body ache, headache and more ache. I must have slept for about 20 hours yesterday. I still feel like cr*p, but at least I feel vaguely alive today.

But enough about the complaining. Here's my latest project. With Christmas concert round the corner, I've spent the last few nights knitting angel wings for Keira. The pattern is Allete from Knitty summer 06. I showed hubby the finished article, all he could say was that it needed some gold edging to make the wings stand out. So I added a single crochet around the wing tips in some Rowan Lurex Shimmer in Gold. As you can see, she loves her outfit!!


Kathy said...

With the flu no less. MOTHER OF THE YEAR I SAY! You are amazing.

mary said...

Hope you're feeling better. Those rings rock and so do you.

Ling said...

Hey - not with the flu. I started and finished the wings without the dreaded flu. I only put the finishing touches yesterday when I started feeling vaguely alive again!
I'm certainly no mom of the year, trust me. But thank you.


Kim in Oregon said...

Hope you're feeling a wee bit better. And my goodness, what a beautiful angel! Great job!