Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Swap package and more

And if you thought I wasn't busy enough running around after 3 kids and knitting, I've been embarking on some sewing projects as well. Madness, I know. I really want to share these cute Chrstmas trees that I've been making. the pattern is from
here ( little bird handmade). I haven't put much decoration on as I've used Christmas fabrics. I've got a whole forest worth, which hubby and kids want to give away to colleagues, teachers and friends. Thank goodness they take no time to whip up.

I took part the the Socktopus Secret Santa Swap (SoSeSaSw). My first swap!! look what came in the post for me. Isn't this fab!! Sock yarn on the left from Old Maiden Aunt in a lovely Rust colourway. And some handspun from my Secret Santa ( Yoshimi on ravelry).
And the full package. Thank you so much, Sarah.
I forgot to take photos of the goodies that I sent out to my swap giftee. But I wanted to show you the little pouch which I made for her. The fabric is from Liberty. It has knitting on it!! I followed a tutorial on the Purl Bee. I think it turned out pretty well. I had to resort to hand sewing because I couldn't get the sewing machine to sew a perfect circle! Perfect for 1 skein of sock yarn.

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Kathy said...

Oh COuld you take another picture of the whole forest?????? Your trees are adorable.

You lucky swapper. Your skiens are woderful looking.

Great sewing Ling! Little gift yarn bag is darling as well.

Are you Superwoman? I think so!