Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold, cold, cold

It's been cold, cold cold and blooming freezing for the last few weeks, and maybe even months. My fingers are too cold to even knit (that may be an exaggeration!) This wintry weather is certainly making me want to knit up some warm and chunky knits, toasty socks and hats and mitts and great big huge blankets. I might just have to follow Mary (at Dim sum knitting) and cast on with abandon. Watch this space.
And today, it started snowing in London.
And finally to some knitting content, I had intended to make this for Zoe, but I miscalculated and it came out a bit too small. So it's going to go to my niece in HK. The pattern is Little sister dress and I knitted it in Jaeger Siena 4 ply (doubled). Apologies for the bad photo, it's the greyness of London that is to blame. What's great about this knit, it took 3 or 4 evenings of knitting. There are some seams to sew and buttons to put on, but I consider it done!!! Keep looking out for few more red knits coming up. It'll be Chinese New Year soon and I'm on a mission to make some red dresses for little girls.


mary said...

yes yes yes! Cast on with abandon. It's so much fun! Enjoy...

Kathy said...

Oh Ling. Red Dresses for the NEw YEar. I love it. Yours is adorable. Im going to check out dum site.