Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress on the dresses

There's been much knitting at Casa Ling. I'm on a bit of a deadline!! Chinese New Year is a week away and I have to finish 2 lil dresses. Must knit faster.

This is the new dress for Zoe. Top down construction with a little mandarin collar. I want to make an ornate button for it (we'll see if I have the time!) I think I'm going to have a lacy edging for the bottom of the dress. Which one - who knows!This is Keira's dress, knitted in Rowan Kid Classic. This might end up being a tunic rather than a dress as it depends on how much yarn I have. It has a twisted rib yoke, in the style of Shalom cardigan. I have a bit more knitting on this one.

Wish me luck, I have a bit more knitting to do!

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Kathy said...


Since it is top down construction I may have to consider this for a gift knit. You keep on track, you can do it!