Monday, May 18, 2009

Projects galore

I can't believe how time flies! Keira will be turning 5 in 10 days time. She obviously thinks that Mum is knitter extraordinaire and has asked for Snakey for her birthday, like the one I knitted for Aidan, except with more pink. Can I say No - obviously not. Dig around the stash and I suddenly realise I have a lot of DK cotton. Cast on last night and this is what I got. Can't be long on the interwebs tonight, must keep knitting......

I also resurrected the sewing machine and have been making stuff. Some's not so good, some better than others and the one thing they have in common, the sewing is sooooo bad. I'll show you a somewhat good one, pillowcase dress made for Keira.


Kathy said...

OH I cannot wait to see the snake!

The pillow case dresses are so cute and chic!

Great job Ling. I love your adorable children.

blog-blethers said...

At least it's a knitted snake she wants! My eldest daughter moved back home when her boyfriends real snake escaped ... Refused to return till the wild life was back in captivity:o)

How the wee ons's have grown! It just goes past in a flash:o(

Jackie said...

so cute !