Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The King and I

My recent exciting news - Aidan is in the production of The King and I, showing at the Royal Albert Hall (from now until 28 June) with Daniel Dae Kim (very hot and sexy) and Maria Friedman. It's been quite a nightmare, in terms of the logistics and timings. But it's been worth it. He loves the whole experience.

here's 2 shots from the show :

Here he is with Daniel:

ETA: Mummy likes Daniel a lot, especially since he is soo lovely to the kids. He knows them by name and chats to them and the mummies. Plus he is hot and shexy!


Kim in Oregon said...

OMG! I love The King and I...in fact, the one time I did synchronized swimming our routine was The march of the Siamese children!

And how adorable he looks! You must be so proud of him! And pooped!!!

mary said...

I love the pics! Yay for Aidan. He's a star already. Get ready for his close-up! And Daniel Dae Kim... definitely!

Kathy said...

OH he is so handsome! LOVE YOUR son too. What a fun fun thing to be involved in.

I need to see it again!

ra said...

That's lovely. It's great fun to do that kind of thing, very hard work for you though no doubt. DDK looks lovely too, nice chap as well as pretty hot. Can't fault that.

Corrie said...

wow for a second I thought that was your husband with your children! he he I'm sure in your eyes he's just as good looking.....well done for your little boy!