Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring shoots

This is the second instalment from the Knit Love Club. Don't they look gorgeous. The yarn is Soft Strength from Brooklyn Handspun in Persephone. The pattern is Spring Shoots from Alice.

The socks look like any normal sock but they're constructed very differently. It involves knitting a tube for the foot, putting some lifelines and making a cut and unraveling the knitting to make an afterthought leg. Oooh - it was scary stuff, especially the cutting bit. The socks fit really well. There are some great tutorials on Cat Bordhi's website the subject. Go check it out!


Anonymous said...

wonderful socks!

Kathy said...

Oh ThAT is how you do that. WOW . Scissors have such a horrific reaction from me. Now I understand the theory. I love a short cuff sock too.

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Cool socks!! Cutting sounds scarying, I'd be so reluctant to do you, you are a brave women ;)