Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sew more skirts

Spurred on by the recent sewing success, I decided to sew a few more ruffled skirts. 2 more for my lovely girls, in slightly different colours. Now, I want one too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ling.

Sorry to comment not on your lovely stuff (which I've just found so will look through some more!) but can't seem to find another way to contact you. I saw that in Ravelry you have 6 balls of DK Soft shade 167 for sale for £15. I've been looking everywhere for this yarn so delighted to find it! But there is no buying option. I'm happy to do paypal but can you tell me how?

from fellow knitter and mum to two, Jules

Kathy said...

You have created lovely skirts for the girls. They always outshine the work, but that is a compliment!

Msry said...

What lovely skirts. Your daughers are such good models. :)