Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sew, sew,sew

So it's been weeks since I dropped in on the blog. I do have my excuses/reasons but that would be boring (because it would just be about mundane life!) However, I have been busy on the craft front.

I've been busy with my sewing.

First up, a gathered skirt for a little girl. It's being modelled by Keira, which has meant that I need to make another one for her. It's a fairly quick and easy project - cutting a few strips of fabric, sewing and overlocking and an hour (or so) later, a finished object. I've actually cut a few more pieces of fabric for my 2 little girls. Can't wait to sew them up.Next up, fabric bag for a lovely friend who brought me a ton of fabric from USA. The pattern is from Sew Hip magazine. I had the fabric pieces cut a long time ago (in fact, I have several more projects which just needs sewing up!) and it just needed sewing up. The outer fabric is some medium weight upholstery linen mix fabric and the lining is some patchwork cotton from my ever growing fabric stash.

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great projects!